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flockaroo2018-03-07 22:46:08
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marlus 2018-06-27
very very cool. I want to port it to TouchDesigner, can I. What is Geom_A, a vertex shader?
flockaroo 2018-03-12
some people seem to be puzzled how to use the webcam: (i guess the interface is not yet as self explanatory as in shadertoy) * above the editor where it says "Image" select Geom_A from the selector * and then below the editor beside the first texture that says "https://thumbs.dreamstime..." press the [...] button. there you can select a "webcam"
flockaroo 2018-03-12
ok, sry, wasnt really meant in a creepy way. just tried to be modest and redirect the previous "beautiful" comment to the model...
coff 2018-03-12
man why do you have to add a creepy comment like that to such a cool shader
flockaroo 2018-03-10
indeed! if only i knew her name... ;-)
ponk 2018-03-09
void mainImage( out vec4 fragColor, in vec2 fragCoord ) { fragColor=vec4(0,0,0,1); }